An Excellent Guide to Playing Tequila Poker on iPhone

The giants of the casino game developer’s world have gifted Apple users with iPhone online tequila poker, and fans of the traditional game are signing up to play in droves. It is a very easy game to learn if you are unfamiliar with poker, and putting a few simple strategies in place before you begin will allow you to enjoy it successfully from wherever you happen to be.

The great thing about iPhone online tequila poker is that it is available to you at online casino no matter where you are as you go about your day and night, with the only requirements for enjoying it being that you have a steady internet connection and a fully charged device. Put those empty moments in your day to good use when you log in to play, and have fun while you win money at any time at all!

Tequila Poker is Easy to Play

Your iPhone online tequila pokiesonline game will begin when you wager on the ante bet. After this four cards will be dealt, face up, and it is time to make a choice. You can choose to fold, in which case you will forfeit your ante bet and the game will end. If you wish to continue you will be able to choose between tequila poker, or high tequila, and a second bet matching the ante will automatically be placed before two more cards are dealt.

In iPhone online tequila poker the highest ranking five card combination will automatically be arranged for you, and if you have scored anything below a pair of aces both your bets will be lost. Should you be holding a pair of aces or anything higher, the ante will pay out at even money stakes, and the second bet paid out according to the attached payout table. A pair of aces will pay out even money, a royal flush 200 to one.

The iPhone online tequila poker cards are valued in the same manner as those in blackjack are at, with the ace always at 11. The hand values of the five best cards you are holding are automatically computed, and you will forfeit the game and any money wagered if your total score falls below 46. For hands exceeding this, your ante bet will be paid out at even money, and the second wager according to the accompanying paytable.

Enjoy Poker on Your iPhone Anytime

Take the fun and money with you wherever you go when you start enjoying iPhone online tequila poker, and place your bets from wherever you happen to be. Your real money transactions are kept totally safe and secure by state of the art 128 bit data encryption protocols, and you can find hints and strategy tips easily online when you wish to begin. You are constantly connected to the World Wide Web anyway, and your iPhone is now making it possible for you to start profiting from this fact! Not only that, but you can have fun doing it too, and will soon be wondering how you ever did without the constant access you now enjoy to online tequila poker.