An Exclusive Guide for Horse Racing Bettors

Horse race betting is a very popular past time all around the world, both between serious punters and casual race goers. The racing lifestyle is huge, with many tracks hosting many race days across the globe.

Betting on horse races began in the mid 1800’s in Australia, when the first thoroughbreds were shipped over from both America and England. Since then the culture has grown to extend to the surrounding islands such as Tasmania and New Zealand and the rest of the world from South Africa to Sweden holds their own race days.

Going to the Races

The most popular way of placing a bet for those who are not too serious about it is going to a race meet. Often these are the big days such as the Melbourne Cup of the Cox Plate, where there is a carnival atmosphere and the horse running in the main races are almost as well known as celebrities. The public are encouraged to try a gander on their favourite horse via one of the many onsite bookies. Betting on these days is fast and furious, with the odds on each horse changing all the time. As a casual better on a big race day it is recommended that you keep an eye on your chosen horses as their odds may change very quickly.

The smaller racetracks also host race days, but on a much smaller scale. The atmosphere is much more family oriented with the betting area away from where the family and the kids sit. Betting on these races is regarded mostly as fun, although there is some national coverage of the bigger races that attracts more serious punters.

Horse Racing Wagers

Horse Racing Tips

The best thing to do if you wish to place a bet on a horse either at a track or via an online site is to know that horse and its track record. Blind betting is never a good idea, as it not only does it usually leave you out of pocket but also changes the odds on the horses in the race. Horse’s race records are readily available online, as are the jockeys and the trainers. Do a bit of research before you choose your horse and jockey combination. Bear in mind that the jockey does play a part in the success of the race, and a bad jockey can bring down a good horse.

Online Sites

There are a large number of horse betting sites that cater for anyone who wishes to place a bet on thoroughbred racing like taking part in the Caulfield Cup betting. These sites always offer odds on the big races, and often on a number of smaller races around the country too.

The big carnival days at various tracks have a number of races on each day, with each one being covered separately by the online sites. To place a wager with an online betting site one has to create a profile with them and become a member first. This is to ensure that the member is of the legal betting age and meets all of the other requirements.