Casino Stud Poker from Play n Go

Casino Stud Poker is one of the titles that Swedish software developers Play n Go have brought out on their mobile platform. This game is based firstly on the popular table game of Poker, and then on the sub variant originally called Caribbean Stud Poker. It is important to note that Casino Stud Poker is not like real poker at all, and has a slightly different aim. The object of the game is to have a better hand than the dealer at the showdown. Casino Stud poker is available for mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets, and can be played for real or free money.

Look and Feel of Casino Stud Poker

Play n Go have put a lot of effort into how this game looks. The graphics are realistic and sharp, and they layout is simple. The view is of a half moon poker table, as if the player was really sitting at it. There are only two buttons at the bottom, Fold and Play. There is only space for yourself and the dealer at this table, and of course the dealer is the computer, so this is not a social game.

Rules of Casino Stud Poker

This particular brand of poker is played with a single 52 card deck against the dealer. There is the option to place a side bet against a fixed odds paytable. Before the game starts, the player must make an initial Ante bet, which is placed in the small circle marked for that purpose in front of them. The game starts with the player placing their bet and receiving five cards face up. The dealer also deals themselves five cards; four face down and one face up. Each card is dealt in turn, one to the player, one to the dealer, until they both have their full hands.

When the deal is finished, the player then picks up their hand and decides whether they wish to play it or not. At this point there are two main things that happen to allow the game to carry on. Should the player wish to continue, they will have to make another bet of exactly double their ante bet. This is called a Raise. Should the player choose not to Raise, but Passes instead, they will forfeit their ante bet. The dealer has to now qualify to play against the player’s hand. To do this they have to have the value of at least an Ace and a King and three other cards.

Once the player has made the decision to Raise, the dealer then reveals their own hand. Should the dealer not qualify at this point, the Ante bet will be paid out. If the dealer does qualify, then their hand is compared to the player’s hand, to see which one is better. Should the player lose, all bets including the ante are forfeited. Should the player win, all bets are paid out at most top 5 real money casinos. Hands are rated in the strict traditional poker sense with a straight flush being the highest at 50 to 1, and two pair being the lowest at 2 to 1.