Describing Casino Deposit Bonus for Players Online

There are promotional bonuses galore where the online casino industry is concerned. And, with the recent spike in popularity of online casinos in Canada, a new Canadian user may get a little confused as to which bonus is better than another.

From no deposit bonuses, to new user bonuses, to casino deposit bonuses, its all enough to make someone’s head spin. But don’t panic just yet, with a little explanation all these bonus systems will seem a lot less confusing, and the various benefits of each will become more clear.

Explaining Bonuses

The casino deposit bonus is the most popularly offered in Canada, and also the most straight-forward and easy to understand. A casino deposit bonus simply means that the casino will add extra bonus cash on top of a real money deposit. Simply put, if the user deposits $100, the casino will add an extra $100 in bonus cash. So, a total of $200 will appear in the account, ready to use. In most cases this extra cash will come with a wager requirement, meaning that the bonus money may not be withdrawn from the account until the user has made a certain number of bets. This ensure that unscrupulous players do not simply make a deposit, get the bonus, and withdraw all the cash, never to be heard from again.

A casino no deposit bonus is similar to a casino deposit bonus, only the bonus cash is given upfront. This cash will be free for the player to use and play casino games, but may not be withdrawn until a wager requirement is met, and the player makes at least one real money deposit into the account. The specifics of such a bonus will vary from online casino to online casino, so it is recommended that the rules of each bonus offer be read carefully.

Which Bonus is the Best?

It’s difficult to say that a casino no deposit bonus is in any way better than a casino deposit bonus, since both work in much the same way. It really depends on what the player is looking for, and in the case of a no deposit bonus it is a great way for a player to experience some of the games available like roulette online before committing any real money. Since a casino deposit bonus requires that some money be committed before a bonus is granted, it would be a shame if the player found out only after committing money that the casino does not offer a specific game, or something similar.

At the end of the day, every bonus or promotional deal offered, including a casino deposit bonus, will have the specifics of the deal very clearly stated. It’s simply a case of reading the details of each bonus, and deciding which best suits your personal needs. If any questions arise about the bonus, do not hesitate to contact the casino’s customer support centre. Support staff will be more than willing to more clearly explain the specifics of a bonus or promotional offer.