Find the Details about Zeus 1000 Online Slot Game

Bridging the gap between the roaming mortals and the pedestal like Gods, Zeus 1000 slot title powered by Williams Interactive software is sure to shake things up. The sky is the limit, raining down with all thrills no fuss game play; Zeus 1000 slot title is as hot as the lighting bolt it has arrived on. This Greek mythology inspired slot is themed primarily around Zeus, king of the Olympians and god of the sky.

Zeus is known in mythology to be one of the most powerful gods, many feared his wrath trying desperately to trick him rather than challenge him in the open. God of the sky, Zeus controls wind, thunderstorms, rain and moisture, clouds, lightning and general weather. The god’s powers saw control over the lifespan of mortals and the effects of time. The Greeks who documented their very existence depicted Zeus as an enormously strong man who could lift mountains and move at incredible speeds. His greatest asset was the lightning bolt, which was capable of destroying mountains, vaporizing islands, boiling the seas and raising entire cities.

Zeus 1000 slot commands two separate screens, which is a unique perspective to slots games. One screen is a 5-Reel, 4-Row grid and the other is a massive 5-Reels, 12-Grid screen. The casino game also features a decent free spins round. Zeus 1000 slot has a godly presence, the two screens are a bit tricky to master at first, however when players become accustomed to the interface it becomes wildly entertaining. The graphics are plain with just enough presence to reinforce the notion of Greek mythology and an inspiring period in human development.

Wild Symbol Transferring Capability

The temple is the wild symbol and only appears on the 5X4 reels screen. The wild is usually staked with the ability to cover an entire reel, when this happens it has the ability to transfer to the massive 5-Reels, 12-Grid screen on the same reel at Players can find the wild symbol on any reel and has the ability to substitute for any other symbol in the game apart from the bonus symbol.

Bonus Game

Zeus 1000 slot titles main feature that players will enjoy is the free spins bonus round. Players will be directed to the bonus round when landing three or more bonus symbols. This symbols is Zeus’ hand and can be found on reels one, three or five of both screens reel sets. The number of bonus symbols players hit determines the amount of free spins players are rewarded with. Three bonus symbols will reward players with ten free spins and two times the stake. Four bonus symbols will reward players with fifteen free spins and ten times the stake. Five bonus symbols will reward players with twenty free spins and twenty times the stake. Six bonus symbols will reward players with thirty free spins and twenty five times the stake.

Bonus Guarantee

Zeus 1000 slot title offers players a bonus guarantee that will make up for bad free spin rounds. If players were not able to win at least ten times their bet then the bonus guarantee will top up your win. This is a feature that players will come to appreciate.

Interesting Features

Players should keep a keen eye for stacked Zeus symbols. These appear on the main reel set and four of these will change all Zeus symbols to Zeus add symbols and randomly adds a total of 400, 500, 600, 700, 800, 900 or 1000 Zeus add for that particular spin.