Jackpot Poker Explained

Jackpot Poker is a card game played against the dealer. The deck has a simple yet slick look not detracting from the gameplay itself. Players can choose to place bets ranging from 1.00 to 5.00 credits per hand.

The paytable is situated above the table and allows players to see which winning combinations will reward a payout. The paytable will also show players how much their bet will payout for each winning hand. Each time a player increases the bet per hand, the paytable will highlight the amount available to win based on the betting amount. Each time there is a winning hand; the paytable will highlight which winning combination was attained.

Players must place their bets before 5 cards will be dealt to them. Players must choose which cards to hold out of the 5 dealt. The ones that are not held will be taken away and new cards will be dealt out to replace them. The hand will then be over and any winnings combinations will be paid out.

Gamble Feature

Each time a winning hand is awarded, players are offered the option to either collect their winnings or continue playing or they can choose to gamble their winnings. The gamble feature will award either double or quadruple the winnings.

To double winnings, players must try their hand at guessing the colour of the card that is presented face down. Player must choose whether they thing the card is red or black. If they choose correctly, winnings will be double and they will be able to try again.

To quadruple winnings, players must guess what suit the card is. Players must choose between hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs to try and quadruple their winnings.

If players get this correct, they will have the chance to keep trying to boost their winnings up to 5 times in a row or if they reach an overall total win of 1000 credits.

Winnings Combinations and Hold Function

In poker online, there are a few winning combinations that will result in a payout.

Jacks or better is when 2 x J, Q, K or A are dealt.

2 Pair is when 2 pairs appear in the hand.

3 of Kind payouts when 3 of the same denomination appear.

A straight is when 5 cards appear in consecutive order despite the suit.

Flush is when 5 cards of the same suit appear.

Full House is when 2 pair and 3 of kind are dealt.

4 of a Kind is 4 cards of the same denomination.

Straight Flush is when 5 cards of the same suit appear in consecutive order.

Royal Flush is 5 cards of the same suit in consecutive order – 10, J, Q, K and A

The hold function is an automatic feature the game offers. Anytime a possible winning combination appears in the first hand dealt, the game will automatically hold the cards. Players may choose to ignore this and play their own hand but the hold function highlights wins.