Properties Of All American Video Poker

All American video poker is, like most video poker games, based on the core game of Jacks or Better, and the Amaya version is no different. The novelty of this particular game is based on an increased emphasis with respect to the higher value poker hands available. This means, effectively, increased pay outs on the flush, straight, straight flush, and four of a kind hands.

The All American video poker game therefore has favourable odds when it comes to these hands, making for an exciting video poker game with increased volatility and some of the highest return to player percentages at the casino generally. In fact, the rewards paid on achieving these top end hands is so great it warrants a complete shift in game strategy. Players will need to be familiar with video poker strategy and game play variations in order to profit suitably from All American video poker.

Coming to Grips with This Game

In terms of playing Amaya All American video poker, the game is initiated by players selecting the stake they wish to place on the game. The options range from one to five coins, and astute players will be aware that the game odds are at their highest when the maximum stake is placed. Once the ante is decided, players simply click Deal, and they will receive their five cards.

Players then click on whichever cards they wish to retain, and any cards selected will display a Held notification. In All American video poker, players are strongly encouraged to seek straights and flushes above the easier two pairs or three of a kind. Achieving straights, flushes and above will maximise the winnings possible and deliver much greater profits. Once the cards to be kept are held, the player clicks Deal a second time and all the un-held cards are replaced with new cards, hopefully forming straights and flushes, and any pay outs occur.

All American Video Poker Strategy

The All American version of video poker is contested between the player and the dealer. Played with a standard deck of 52 cards, the Amaya All American pay table follows the 200-30-8-8-8 format and has an overall pay out rate of 98.49%.

The basic strategy that should be implemented by players in order for them to maximize the odds in their favour and achieve the greatest possible returns in this game is therefore highly specific to this version of video poker. The Amaya version of All American video poker, for instance, has its own complete strategy sheet that players should utilise to maximise the percentages and moves for every hand dealt. This obviously optimises the players’ odds and uphold the high winning rate.

The Odds and Returns Comparison

In the Amaya provided All American video poker online game, therefore, Jacks or better pairs pay out at even money, but two pairs and three of a kind have a below par pay-out rate. The top hand in the game is a royal flush, and this hand is rewarded at 4000 coins for a 5 coin bet. This means that the hand pays out at a rate far greater than the odds of landing this combination, and this causes the alterations to the video poker strategy.

Players therefore need to concentrate on straights and flushes when considering the cards to be retained but remember never to break up a paying hand in favour of a straight or flush, unless there are four Royal flush cards involved in the hand.