The Famous Deadwood Bullock Hotel and Casino

Sometimes it is the history of a casino that makes it exciting, sometimes it’s the games on offer, and sometimes, it’s both of these factors combined that make for one incredible casino gaming atmosphere.

With the Bullock Hotel, located in Deadwood, South Dakota, the history as much as the games sets the tone of this hotel casino and players will find the experience one well worth it. With a package like this, dating back over 100 years, not even the online casino world can mar the attraction of this place, if not for the games then the culture alone. So without further ado let’s find out what makes this hotel and casino so inspiring.

A Detailed History of the Bullock Hotel

After a fire caused some serious damage to the town of Deadwood in South Dakota, a man named Seth Bullock transformed a warehouse, in bad shape after the fire, into the Bullock Hotel. This was the year 1894, and started this hotel and casino down a long and interesting path.

After the death of Seth Bullock in 1919 there were some rumours and supposed sightings of his ghost in the building and this mystery has remained attached to the building since, with sightings and ghost hunter visits occurring rather regularly. For a brief period in the 20th century the Bullock Hotel was turned into a hardware store after its resale, this only lasted a decade or two before the new and current owners, Bullock Properties, took over the establishment and returned it to the hotel and casino it once was.

Today the hotel still stands strong, with the renovations made to restore it to the original hotel it was. In this pursuit around 28 of the initial 63 rooms still remain, with a few of the more modern amenities installed. The setup and overall theme of the Bullock Hotel today is intended to pay homage to what it was in the beginning and preserve that overall culture and history. Even if this place didn’t have any casino or games the experience would be inspiring, as rich in culture and history as this place ahs become. Fortunately for the players through this is not the case and the games on offer will therefore only add to the overall experience of this historical hotel.

Gaming and Activities with the Bullock Hotel

The casino incorporated within the Bullock Hotel is stocked with many a slot machine and table game. The slots include some fun themed adventures with unique bonuses and features to make the reels a little more exciting. The table games are the classic if the casino gaming industry and with a place like this, which is all about the classic, players can expect the gaming here to be done with the appropriate care. Alongside this casino experience is a fully serviced bar and gift shop as well as round the clock help desk service for added convenience. On top of this there are some nice dining options to supplement the gaming, including the famous Bully restaurant, which is historically tied to Seth Bullock’s close friend Teddy Roosevelt.