What Is Grand Salami Betting

The most common response to the phrase Grand Salami is that it must be an order at a deli. But, of course, Grand Salami refers to a type of prop bet. It is a bet most commonly associated with MLB and NHL, and is based around an outcome that has nothing to do with which team won a particular series of matches.

At its core, the bettor is putting a wager on what the accumulated points will be for a series of matches. It is possible to bet on the total of just a single game, known as the more common total bet. But the Grand Salami simply adds all the totals for a series, allowing a wager to be placed on this grand number.

But there are a few more things to understand if wanting to participate in Grand Salami betting.

How Does It Work?

As a quick example, let’s say that the Blue Jays are playing the Yankees, the Nationals playing the Phillies, and the Red Sox are playing the Dodgers. The combined, cumulative total of all the runs scored in the game are what is being predicted.

The Grand Salami may be posted as +- 25.5. Will the total be above, or below 25.5?

The totals for the games land up being 10-9, 12-8, and 7-5. The total is 51, and well above the Grand Salami of 25.5. It is as easy as that.


Betting on what the exact total is would make the bet a pretty extreme longshot, of course. So instead https://ausbet.net.au/financial/ betting option is present as an over/under wager. The Grand Salami number will be posted by the bookmaker, and the bettor must wager on if the real total will be above the Grand Salami number, or below it. This makes it a far fairer and easier to predict betting option.


But the Grand Salami will be announced with odds attached, making the bet a little more interesting. ‘Over’ may come with a -150, while ‘Under’ may have a +200 attached. In the case of a negative sign, it indicates that you would have to bet $150 in order to win a payout of $100. Obviously, bets aren’t restricted to only betting $100. This is intended to give an indication of a betting baseline.

In the case of a plus, it indicates how much would be won with a $100. So, it is more attractive to bet on the under, in terms of payouts.

What Decides The Number?

There is no exact formula for how a bookmaker decides what the Grand Salami number will be. Generally speaking it is simply a tweaked average of all the runs of the games for the night.

Where Is It Available?

As it stands, the Grand Salami betting options is generally only offered with NHL and MLB, and offered as a prop bet. Rumours have long suggested that betting option would be carried over to other sports, but for one reason or another it has not caught on.