Sports Betting Tips for New Zealand Punters

There are plenty of punters in New Zealand and the world over who are very successful at sports betting, and most of them would probably be able to give you plenty of advice and sports betting tips that they swear by. Perhaps you’re never placed a wager on a match before but want to do some homework before kicking off the action, or maybe you just want to improve your betting knowledge, either way here punters will find the best sports betting tips to increase their success rate.

Finding Your Online Bookmaker

Kiwi punters will find over 600 TAB outlets across the country, but there is only one authorized online bookmaker, and as such the variety may be slightly limited. The good news is that many offshore bookmakers have opened their doors to business from Kiwi punters, which blows the betting market wide open for sport bets from New Zealand. Before punters can take advantage of our sports betting tips, they will need to select an online bookmaker. When looking for a suitable option for tour annual Caulfield Cup betting, take a good look around a few sites before making a decision, or sign up to multiple sportsbooks. Make sure there are a variety of deposit and withdrawal options with a quick turn-around, and be sure to take advantage of the lucrative sign up bonuses that most bookmakers offer to new customers.

Line Shopping

One of the first legal sports betting tips that has to be mentioned is line shopping. Line shopping involves taking a look at a variety of online sportsbooks for specific wagers and comparing the odds on offer. For example if your favourite New Zealand team is playing in a big tournament, check a variety of bookmakers and compare the odds offered on that specific match, and the variety of wagers available before deciding where to place a wager. Of course punters can always place a number of wagers across multiple sportsbooks to increase their chance of winning.

Bankroll Management

The next of our sports betting tips regards your bankroll. A bankroll is a set amount of money set aside for the week or even a full season of sports betting, and it’s very important to keep a careful eye on how you’re spending it to ensure you can keep in the game as long as possible. Punters should at all times only bet between 2 and 5% of the total bankroll. This way even if you start with a small bankroll, as successful wagers pay off the bankroll will grow and bigger wagers can be placed, meaning bigger rewards. This ensures that Kiwi punters aren’t knocked out on their first try and will keep them betting for longer. This is a must when it comes to sports betting tips, as of course all punters want to win, however they can’t win if the bankroll is empty.

Knowing your Stuff

Doing your homework is quite possibly the most important of sports betting tips, as knowing your stuff will ensure the most success when placing sports bets. While many punters will place sports bets based on hunches, this will only get them so far, and over time placing educated wagers will pay off far more. Before placing a wager, be sure to take a look at the latest news regarding a team and see if there are any recent developments that may hinder or ensure their success. While placing wagers on favoured teams to win may be successful in the moment, placing riskier bets on good information could increase your wins significantly.