How Winning Big Can Change Your Life

The well-known theory that winning a huge jackpot either when playing casino games or the Lottery will more often than not doom the winner to a live of misery, bad choices and eventually poverty is enough to cause a supreme panic.

The good news is that the popular opinion is in fact no more than a casually concocted myth. In other words, its not true. How do we know this? Because many of those who have won in the past are now, years on, still doing quite alright and in fact not living on any sort of breadline or benefits.

But despite the above myth having been solidly debunked, there’s no reason to run around and tempt luck’s fate. And blowing it all isn’t the only misplaced gutter hole to look out for. According to Canada’s Lotto Max 2015 $50 million winner and Alta resident Randall Rush, the biggest problem with winning the Lotto; aside from the imminent danger of a heart attack resulting from all of the emotional excitement; is that the promise of money tends to change people. Other people that is, not you.

How It All Went Down

Rush tells the story of how one Saturday morning he had been prodded out of bed by his 28-pound Maine Coon after the giant kitty had run out of food. Upon rushing out the door on his way to replenish the much-needed food stock, Rush hurriedly grabbed hold of his stack of Lottery tickets with the idea of checking for any winning combinations whilst out on the food beat.

Imagine his surprise when the very last ticket in the stack caused a local Lotto terminal to light up like a Christmas tree. After having run to close the door of the store so as to prevent any interference for the outside world (Rush did not actually own the store!), it was time to phone the numbers in for double verification.

Rush claims that it took all of 2 years to get over the initial shock of having won $50 million playing the Lotto. That’s an awful long time to let your heart rate come down, and many winners of progressive slots jackpots have voiced similar feelings when playing Aussie pokies games online.

Winning Isn’t The Problem

But the shock of good things to come proved miniscule in the face of what was about to follow. Rush ended up investing quite a bit of money in a tech-start up launched by the son of his at-the-time best friend.

Nothing ended up going to plan and Rush soon discovered himself not only out of millions but also the number 1 investor in a business plan gone south. The matter ended up going to court and Rush was only able to recover a small portion of his initial multi-million investment.

But barring cardiac events caused by the best type of “bad” news and mixing business with friendship, there really is no other reason not to play the Lotto. And if you’re really lucky, you may even end up winning.