Why Bingo Is An Online Hit

At one point in the not so distant past, it seemed that bingo was destined for a slow, quiet death in a retirement village recreational center. Fast forward a little bit to the online casino revolution and it would seem that bingo has beaten the odds. Today, it’s one of the most popular online games in the world.

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The Story Behind Video Poker Machines

Video Poker is so much a part of the casino experience now, but until the 1970’s casinos had basically table games and traditional reel type slot machines. Whereas slot machines are purely based on chance, Video Poker machines involve skill and strategy and are ideal for those who enjoy Poker, but not necessarily playing with others. They are immensely popular today.

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How Winning Big Can Change Your Life

The well-known theory that winning a huge jackpot either when playing casino games or the Lottery will more often than not doom the winner to a live of misery, bad choices and eventually poverty is enough to cause a supreme panic.

The good news is that the popular opinion is in fact no more than a casually concocted myth. In other words, its not true. How do we know this? Because many of those who have won in the past are now, years on, still doing quite alright and in fact not living on any sort of breadline or benefits.

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