Find Out The Basic Elements of Roulette

Roulette, in its earliest form was designed in 17th Century France – thanks to Blaise Pascal – and remains at the core of the world of betting today. Its popularity has never waned.

Drawing in newcomers through the generations, new players continue to be open to learning its intricate rules.

If you’ve always wanted to learn how to play this game, here are the basics:

A Numbers Game

In Roulette you get to place bets on numbers from zero to 36.

In general, you can bet on a:

– number or group of numbers also known as Inside Bets.

Outside bets include bets on a:  

– black or red square

– odd or even number

– low number (1-18)

– high number (19-36)

– one of three dozen

– one winning number from three columns.

In certain Roulette types you get a Snake bet. One bet covers all these red numbers, shaped as the letter ‘S’: 1, 5, 9, 12, 14, 16, 19, 23, 27, 30, 32 and 34.

Taking That First Step

For beginners, it’s recommended that you play Roulette starting with bets on Inside Bets (a number or group of numbers).

To start, 

– Place your bet by putting your chips on a number or a group of numbers

– The dealer will spin the wheel and throw in a white ball.

– Once the wheel has stopped, the number on which the ball has stopped is the winning number.

– If you guessed the number or numbers correctly, you win.

– Collect the winnings.

To really enjoy your game, = begin by knowing these bets well:

– one number only (Straight)

– two adjacent numbers (Split)

– three consecutive numbers – found on the same line (Street)

– four-number bet (Square bet, or also known as ‘Corner’)

Following this consecutive order of Straight, Split, Street and Corner, here’s where to put your chips:


– one number only: inside the square


– two numbers: shared line of the numbers’ squares


– outer corner of the row


– common corner of the four numbers

Once you’ve gotten used to placing these bets, try out these for a change:

– Three numbers: including zero, or zeros (Trio)

– Six numbers (Six-Line)

– 0; 1; 2 and 3: (Basket)

Here’s where to put your chips:


Put your chips on the line where the zero box and the two other numbers meet.


Place your chips on two adjacent lines


Place your chips on the corner where the zero box and the first line meet

The French Version

Announced Bets are bets normally only placed when playing French Roulette.

A popular bet in this category is otherwise known as Neighbours. Look out for the special Racetrack section when betting online. It’s a bet on a group of five numbers that includes an anchor number and the two numbers bordering it on either side.

Another group of these bets includes:

Neighbours of Zero (Voisins du Zero)

  • 0 + 2 + 3 (2 chips)
  • A bundle including the following pairs: 4+7; 12+15; 18+21; 19+22 and 32+35 (1 chip per split)
  • One corner: 25+26; 28+29 (2 chips)

One Third of the Wheel (Le Tiers du Cylindre)

One chip on 1

Six chips on:
5+8; 10+11; 13+16; 23+24; 27+30 and 33+36

The Orphans (Orphelins)

One chip on 1

4 chips:
6+9; 14+7, 17+20 and 31+34

Zero Game (Jeu Zero)

One chip on 26

3 chips on:
0+3; 12+15; 32+35