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Exotic Horse Racing Bets Explained

Exotic Horse Racing wagering is when you stake on more than one outcome. This could mean you bet on the winners of more than one race, or that you wager on the successive finishers of just one race. The idea is simply to choose more than one outcome for your slip. If all your picks come in correctly, you will win. If not, you lose. So, if only a portion succeeds, you will forfeit your money. There is no partial winning here, which is part of why it is so exciting, and why it is more profitable.

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Different Ways to Bet on the NFL

Betting on National Football League matches can add a dash of excitement to an already thrilling experience and makes watching the game that much more entertaining and potentially much more profitable! NFL wagers should be on your radar even if you aren’t a particular fan of American Football, actually. They are a great way for savvy bettors to earn a little extra cash and getting to know more about how to stake properly is much easier to do than you may fear.

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Sports Betting Psychology Vs Urban Legend

Every industry has its urban legends. And it just so happens that the sports betting industry has more than most. The trick is obviously to discern between facts and myths – between psychology and good old urban legend. A variety of factors come into play when determining which is which and since we’re dealing with human beings, one man’s superstition is another man’s winning trick to live by.

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